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A chestplate provides the most protection per unit of material, followed by leggings. For leather, iron, and diamond armor, boots have equivalent armor points as the helmet, but for chainmail and gold armor, the helmet trumps boots. A turtle shell, in addition to providing protection, also gives the player the Water Breathing status effect.Protection. Protection is a basic enchantment for armor that helps reduce the overall damage taken from attacks, drowning, flames, lava, potions, suffocation, explosions, and projectiles by (4 x level)% (capped at 80%). It can have a power level of up to IV (V or more only if you are using commands). Respiration (Helmet Only)All enchantments are limited to a maximum of 20 "enchantment protection factor" points, giving 80% damage reduction - anything above this will have no further effect and it is reached with a full set of Protection 5 or a single piece with Protection 20 (the total EPF for regular Protection is the same as the enchantment levels on all pieces added up; the damage-specific forms have 2-3 EPF per ...Mar 26, 2021 · I do remember that in older version of minecraft you could combine 2 prot 4 to make armor with protection 5. I found that you can't get without commands. I do remember books with protection 5 in the creative inventory and I do remember having protection 5 in survival without command. Sep 15, 2021 · In Minecraft PE, tap the boots icon, then tap 1 x. On the console edition, scroll right to select the boots tab, scroll up or down to select your boots type, and press A or X to craft them. Exit the crafting menu. Press Esc (computer), tap X (PE), or press B or circle (console). Equip your armor. Protection will stack on different armor pieces, and provides comprehensive protection against all forms of damage except The Void and server kill commands. It is true that falling, fire, lava, poison, and even mob damage will be reduced, but false that the armor durability will always reduce more than normal.Explore new gaming adventures, accessories, & merchandise on the Minecraft Official Site. Buy & download the game here, or check the site for the latest news.If your server is attacked, we have your Minecraft server hosting covered with DDoS protection FREE of charge. 24/7 Support With an average ticket response time of just 20 minutes, and support representatives in different time zones, help is minutes accounting lab

How to Use Minecraft Commands. Inputting commands is a pretty simple process. Step 1: Open the Chat Window in your game. Step 2: Type / and then the command word or phrase. Step 3: Hit Enter. Example: /enchant MinecraftPlayer01 projectile_protection 4.rooms for rent in new rochelle


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